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Lake O'Hara Lodge (Waitlist)

The Lake O’Hara region is world renowned for its spectacular alpine scenery. The towering glaciated peaks of the continental divide provide a magnificent backdrop to the many alpine lakes within a few kilometers of the sumptuous Lake O’Hara Lodge. In later September the extensive larch forests take on a golden glow bathed in the warmth of the autumn sun.

September 25 to 27, 2021

$990.00 (includes accommodation, food, bus access to the lodge and the guide fee)

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Lake O'Hara area
Lake O'Hara area

Mount Assiniboine Lodge Adventure (Waitlist)

A breathtakingly scenic helicopter flight will whisk you up to the beautiful alpine environs of Mt. Assiniboine Lodge. Towering above all is the majestic Mt. Assiniboine, the Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies. The trails that radiate from the lodge will provide you with a once-in-a life-time experience as you explore the flowery alpine basins and sparkling tarns. After the daily invigorating hikes, the cozy lodge is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the historic lodge and the hearty meals that are sure to delight you.

July 20 to 22, 2022

$1575.00 (includes shared accommodation, food while at the lodge, helicopter flight to and from the lodge and the guide fee)

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Mistaya Lodge area
Mount Assiniboine area

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